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Mondeo or Jaguar engine in 2.2D

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This has probably been asked before but I can't find it on a search. My jag is a 2.2 sport with equivalent 57 plate and a friend says that it is a Mondeo engine and not a Jaguar engine. Is he correct?


Quite frankly I don't care but it is good to be armed with information.



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I think he is correct, Ken.


Car manufacturers do not necessarily build their own engines.  From 1946 onwards till being sold off to the Germans, Rolls Royce used Buick Engines, and I once had a Rover 218 Diesel with a Peugeot engine.  Morgan used Rover engines at one time, and my s type diesel has an engine built as a joint venture between Ford and Peugeot.


Ford engineering and technology is pretty good,  and some of their parts are shared with Jaguar and can be cheaper.



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yes mondeo engine with the jaguar bits added if you look deep enough your find some parts with ford stamped on them, and with most parts these days you can cross ref them against a ford database, plus you will find the ford parts come out that little bit cheaper for the same item its all in the name. so i always check. 



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Hello Ken.


Yes it is indeed a Mondeo engine, and also a transit engine they used from the year 2000 until present. They are still putting this engine in the new Transits so it cant be bad. They call it the Duratorq zsd-422 and used it for the top-of-the-range versions of the Mondeo and X-Type. Great solid engine. I have a 2.2 Diesel X-type myself and couldnt care less that the engine is ford. The car looks great, has all the Jaguar bells and whistles, drives and looks like a Jaguar, because it is a Jaguar. Oh and not to mension that the thing pulls like a train! 


Hope that gives you some more information ammunition that you were looking for haha. Take care and enjoy.



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