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2004 S-Type radio change

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I am thinking of changing the radio unit to a touchscreen with blue tooth etc , which ones work best without changing the surround etc. or can i change the standard set up to the touch screen Jaguar one easier ?.

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The jaguar touch screen is the one to go for.

Raistlin is the member with the knowledge as he's just about retro fitted every option available!!

Sure he'll be on soon with his vast experience in the matter!!

Welcome by the way.

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Hi Nigel,


Whether you go for an aftermarket head unit or go for the OEM touchscreen retro-fit is up to you. Both are eminently doable.


Personally, I'd go for the retro-fit as I particularly like the way everything is so well integrated. In addition you also have the option of adding ipod / USB functionality into the OEM system if required.


The touchscreen retro-fit is somewhat involved, although by no means difficult. Most components are obtainable reasonably easily. The only awkward bit is running the loom into your car.


Once that is done the rest is a piece of cake :)


You are in the West Mids so relatively close to me. By all means have a look at my setup (which includes iPod / USB) if you wish. Or turn up at Gydon for the Club meet next Saturday... better still :)


If you go the OEM route I'll help in any way I can if you want.

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Nigel. Sorry about that. I had the distinct impresion that you were in the West Midlands.


OK. The loom is a relatively simple one, but probably quite a challenge for somebody who hasn't done it before.


Ideally you'd be present when the loom is stripped from the donor car as it makes everything easy to understand.


In basic terms, there are a bunch of connectors in the centre console which go to the head unit and the climate controller module. The rest of the loom runs through the car to the near-side rear of the boot area.


I wouldn't neccesarily say that you'd need an auto electrician but I would recommend the assistance of somebody reasonably conversant with wiring looms.


You will probably have to modify the fibre optic (D2B) part of the loom depending upon which retro-fits you are including but this is reasonably easy to do and if you get to that stage I have an illustrated how-to (not mine I hasten to add) which makes things perfectly clear.


that's a brief but comprehensive reply I hope. I am happy to answer more specific questions as and when they arise.

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