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The belt that drive's the a/c water pume ect, are there 2 different ones that fit the 3tlr petrol s type, because i have brought two now and both are to short , I get told sorry sir there is only one belt that fits the S Type.

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I think your right, I did return 2 but still have one so if anyone wants a belt for a X Type they can have it, I will go into Jaguar to ge one, it will be a better quality, 3 times i was given the wrong one and 3 times it said Stype on the ticket, I was lucky i did not just cut the old belt off

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Berkshire Jag Components are very good, they supplied me an OEM belt which fitted, plus a full service kit inc coil packs and plugs that were all spot on. I found them via eBay, but the tel # is: 0118 978 7896, I think Tony is the main man but couldn't swear to this ;)

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