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GearBox Fault warning


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My first post on the forum,I,ve been an avid reader of others problems and thought ha I have none. Untill now,my 2004 4.2 v8 auto has come up with display showing gear box fault.This happened about a month ago,my heart sank.Pulled over and stopped turned it off then restarted it selecting the sport option.Problem went away and has gone until TODAY.Same message only has stayed and previous trick did,nt work.It feels like a manual box with slipping clutch.Plenty of revs and it picks up speed,but drinks fuel.Any one any ideas PLEASE.

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Hi Dickus,

Although my car is an X type,I had the same message and it went into limp mode and stayed in 4th gear.

After lots of head scratching I took it to a independent Jaguar specialist and their computer diagnosed Turbo problem although it showed up in the car as gearbox fault. They removed the turbo and said there was a fair amount of soot deposits. They replaced the turbo and not had any more problems. I would take it to independent Jaguar specialist.

Hope this helps.



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Thanks for the replies chaps,I have booked the car into Specialist next week.They say its stuck in third,although you can select reverse and park ,thats about it .Will let you know the outcome.

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Well all sorted now,you were right Stan. Warped sump causing leakage,oil change,new sump,the metal more expensive but worth it,new switch gear in box.Hey presto beautifull silky smooth changes,instant kick down.Price was £420.00 all in.

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