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Finally got my Jag on the road today and first thing to do was to fill up with petrol and this was my first niggle.

I found it difficult to put petrol in the tank, the pump kept stopping and had to hold the lever  in lightly so took a while to get fuel in. I only put a tenners worth in and went to another petrol station and had the same problem. Also having inconsistent reading on fuel gauge, any idea whats going on here?

Then got on the main roads and had a wheel wobble at 60mph so I went and got the wheels balanced and this sorted the problem.

Then the left side repeater blew, i think this will be easy to solve though.

Any ideas and i will be very grateful.

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Another little niggle today, whilst driving  to work this morning the car felt like it was hesitating slightly and i could see the needle in the rev counter going up and down slightly this was driving at around 40mph.

On the way home tonight the engine  management  light has came on.

This car has not been used for at least 2 years, any ideas please what it could be.


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Hi David

You notice a common problem on the s-type's is battery

is your battery fully charged, its one of the biggest problems, battery get low and you get loads of electrical faults followed by lots of warning lights

check your battery, should be over 12 volts not running and a minimum of 14 volts with the engine running

first place i would look



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