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Playing mp3's in autochanger


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Hahaha, my wife is not keen on my choice either.....  just checked my system to see what it does, from what I can see, it is burning an audio cd for playing in standard type CD players, it seems to be converting the files to suite this format (what ever that is)

i just put in what I want to do with the CD and the software does the rest, the upshot is I can only get approx 8-10 tracks per CD so guessing it's as per a bought cd.



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33 minutes ago, Andy the tyre man said:

Forget mp3s in a jaguar. 


They were behind the times when it came to incar technology. 

They had an option of a cassette player in 2003!!!

OK with the Audio Connectivity Module Andy. Not what you'd call a cheap modification though. Having said that, I've seen them going for less than £150 on a couple of occasions recently.

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