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S type headlights / parking sensors


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Hi Guys

I have two enquiries to which I hope someone can help me with.

Can the main beam/drive lights on the S type be adjusted separately from the outer dip beam only headlights. The dip beam lights are set to mot standards but my main beams are not aiming where I would like them.

Secondly, my front parking sensors work fine but the rear ones do not work. Upon selecting reverse, I get the three second warning sound indicating the rear sensors are not working.

Can anyone help in this regard? Is it likely to be a sensor or sensors failure or the sensor module itself. Can a test be conducted to establish the fault?

Regards, Martn

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I'd go for sensor failure first Martyn.

You need to select reverse then listen very closely to each sensor in turn for a faint buzzig noise. No buzzing noise indicates failed sensor.

Not sure about the lights. Somebody else will help though :winkiss:

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