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S type window wipers


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Is there a way of easily changing the window wipers?

I had to lift the bonnet but cant get the wipers to stop in the middle of the screen to easily change the blades.

They keep going back down flat.

Can any one help please?

Thank you



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when i did mine, removed the cover, lifted them about 1 inch and unclip them

make sure you don't lift them too high as it will mark your bonnet, or even chip the paint off, on the under side edge

check you drivers side wiper arm, early ones up to 2004, they bend at the bottom, at the wiper arm rubs the bonnet edge, fetching the paint of and causing a rust patch

later arms are modified and better



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Hi. i changed my blades last week. i bought new ones from euro car spares £19 best £19 ive ever spent. fitted in less than 2 minutes to remove the old ones i just bent them in half and lifted them off the wiper arms. the new blades clip on so easy the wiper arm only needs to be about 1inch off the Glass and are held in place by locking clips. they also come with built in washer jets (if yours have em) Good Look!!!


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