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X Type wing mirrors - fold or not?


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Hi, I'm a new Jag owner with a 2000 5X type 2 L diesel. I'm wondering if the wing mirrors fold in to avoid damage when I'm parked? I've looked in the manual and it mentions electric wing mirrors and shows a button which folds the wing mirrors in - but I don't have that button on my car, so no electric folding wing mirrors. The handbook also says that they fold in in case of a collision which leads me to suspect that they do fold in manually. However I don't want to take the chance of forcing them only to find that that wasn't supposed to happen! Any advice will be much appreciated.


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Hi Steve,

I have the electric folding mirrors, but I believe mirrors without the electrics will fold also. If you place one palm on the painted side of the mirror housing and the other on the mirror side then gently push allowing the mirror to rotate towards the window, you should feel resistance and then the mirror will move. I know the electric versions will do this without pushing the button as I bumped into the drivers side the other day and thought the worse but it was fine and pushed back into place without any harm done.

The guys on here will let you know if it any different.



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Hi Guys

thanks for the quick and positive response - I've tried it  - using And's advice to "gently push " and the wing mirrors do fold back. It's good to know and be able to do that, so I will no longer be concerned when I park on a road.



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