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Coolant Level Low


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Only had my S Type for a few weeks and slowly getting to know it, had a set of Powerflow end cans made and fitted and am very happy with deep tone that lets the v8 burble out, also fitted a K+N air filter element


one problem though, there is an alert on the computer screen "Coolant level low" but looking at the header tank the level is spot on and the temp does not go over the halfway, could it be the sensor or worse ?

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Turns out the fault has been on the dash for the last two years and the last owner just put a bit of tape over the warning light :wallbash:

As she does not show any signs of distress I will deal with that as we go along, just been to get new rear tyres (Nexen 8000) and get the tracking checked on Turriff tyres new 4 wheel alignment machine but my rear stabiliser arm bushes are shot so not much point in doing alignment until I replace the arms, then I can address the coolant fault and anything else that rears its ugly heid :yes:

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sensor is in the bottom of the header tank

some new replacement header tanks dont have the hole for the sensor

if you feel under the header tank and the sensor/wire/plug is there it might just be a faulty sensor

if theres no sensor then the might be a wire and plug floating around,



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Bought a header tank today from a local car dismantler so all go for trying the sensor, although when I had a quick look today I see the two wires are bared in a tiny bit as if someone had put on a scotchblock at some point


Also scored as one of their S Types had a complete mesh grill from a 2000 S Type and got it for a tenner :yahoo:

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