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Cracked alloy


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Last Friday my nearside front tyre went soft, down to 15 PSI. Pumped it up to 32 PSI, checked Saturday morning down to 25 PSI. Pumped up again to 32 PSI Sunday again down to 15 PSI. Bit the bullet as the outside edge was slightly feathered and ordered a new Pirelli P 0 from black circles to be fitted today. £112 later for the tyre and was told "can't fit it Sir your rim is cracked". There is a 3 cm crack very obvious without the tyre on. Just ordered a Triton alloy from the evil bay so another £119, hopefully delivered Friday or Monday at the latest, so I'll get the new tyre fitted to that and get the tracking done as well.

On the bright side :wallbash: a friend of mine is a welder so I'm hoping he can repair the crack for me, if so I'll use it for a full size spare.

I blame the cursed potholes :w00t:

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Ive has a cracked wheel before, I'd bin it, even welded, it will all ways be a weak spot

and if it ever comes apart at speed, would'nt risk it my self

S-type's are not the lightest of cars



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Thanks for the comments, I have bought another Triton anyway, hopefully arriving soon so I will get the new tyre fitted to it then have the tracking done. The car looks awful with the spacesaver on. I will probably have the crack repaired and keep the wheel in the shed for emergency use only.

Once again thanks for all the advice, just goes to show what a great forum this is.

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Evil bay wheel and tyre arrived Monday 7th  March, took it dawn to tyre fitter, removed and binned tyre (Chinese death ring) new Pirelli P zero fitted and balanced.

Car up on ramps for 4 wheel alignment, rears spot on front nearside 3mm toe in. Adjusted to correct setting now drives perfectly.

So total cost of new tyre £112 plus replacement rim £119 then tracking £44.  £275 for as I thought a slow puncture.:wallbash: Space saver safely back where it belongs, out of sight!!

Only thing left to do is a wheel refurbishment at City Powdercoaters in Birmingham as my rims are pretty badly kerbed and paint is peeling.

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