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s type 2oo6 headlight washer jets


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the clip that holds the cover on the headlight washers on my Jaguar 2 type ( 2006) broke and the cover flew off and disappeared. I had to buy new  full washer jets and cover as they do not do the clip on its own.  Does anyone know how to replace the unit please. It looks like it should just push on but I am not sure

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you can get the crusifix off ebay and also the cover, there quite cheap on ebay

best way i would say to do it is

get someone to press the washers with the lights on

then if your at the front on the car you can grab the washer jets as they come out

clip the crusifix to the washer jets and then clip the cover on

let go and it should spring back in, if it dont look right, then you have put the cover on upside down



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