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Hi new member here. Just bought my 1st Jaguar. 2004 S type 2.7d auto. Im horrified to see all the posts about DPF in Jags. I just sold an Insignia because of the DPF problems, I live in a semi rural area in Derry, N.Ireland and dont do any out of town driving. The seller told me it didnt have a DPF!!! Can anyone help? if I have one how can I keep it clean?

Many thanks


PS other than that she is a dream to drive

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Hi Bill,  and welcome to the club. 

I have the s type 2.7 Diesel and a very good engine it is. I have never had a problem with the DPF, and all it needs is about 1 longish drive a month  ---  about no longer a the 40 minutes at around 45 mph or over.  I do mostly short runs and less than about 6500 miles a year.  The stories you hear are mostly apocryphal.

However I do believe that your model does not have a DPF fitted.  You can usually check this by looking at the exhausts.  If the exhaust gases are directed downwards there is no DPF filter fitted.

One little tip is to always make sure your battery is regularly charged as the S Type does not tolerate a battery in bad condition.

And if you have the Message "Parkbrake Fault" just disconnect the battery [make sure you have the radio code] and then after a minute or so connect it, apply the footbrake and parkbrake, and then reset your clock, volumes, radio, windows etc. [There is a post with full instructions].

Meanwhile, enjoy the Club and your Jaguar.



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On 3/8/2016 at 4:41 PM, Old Peter said:

Hi Adam,

I have just checked and the DPF was not fitted on the s type till 2005 inn order to meet the Euro emissions test.  The seller was quite right.




Thats fantastic news!! Mine is June 2004 so Im pleased to hear no DPF fitted

Thanks for checking that for me



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On 3/8/2016 at 4:28 PM, JimC64 said:

Welcome aboard Bill, good to have you here with us

I see you're in Derry, not LondonDerrry....lol

I spent many a good time over there in the North ( all over ) in Armagh, Strabane ( used to stay at the Fir Trees ) Derry, Portrush and Belfast.......beautiful country, great people, very akin to the Scots and had some great craic.

If you have the DPF, a lot of short short and stop / start journeys can result in failed regens causing excess fuel to dump into your oil. As stated so longer runs when you can to try and avoid this, but most importantly keep an eye on your oil level and do it REGULARLY

If this happens you generally get a service message but don't rely on this, I have the same engine in my XJ and I do around 3-4 oil changes per year and only every get it topped off around just under halfway to allow for this.

+1 on the battery, these cars don't do well on old / weak or failing batteries and can throw up a lot of weird issues, check yours ( may be original or 2nd battery ) and deffo worth looking at and or depending, possibly changing depending on how long you are going to keep the car. At least bear it in mind.

S type maintenance and checklists here for you http://www.jaguarownersclub.com/forums/topic/13110-s-type-maintenance-cheets-and-cheklists/

Free online parts catalogue here.....http://www.jaguarownersclub.com/forums/topic/13102-s-type-free-parts-catalogue/


Hope it helps Bill



Hi Jim,

Yes I live in the Derry side, lol tho I'm a Scotsman from Barrhead, not too far from you.

Peter, moderator tells me DPF not fitted to S type until 2005, mine is June04, so I should be OK. Thanks for the checklists.



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