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She was purrrring! But now she's sadūüė©


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I have a 3.0Ltr V6 auto S-Type jag on an "X" plate (2000 year) with 64k on the clock with a full Jag service history. Up until now it's been purrrrring on Shell V-Power Nitro + fuel and just used Archoil AR 6400 cleaner.

I have been smelling oil burning coming into the cabin! And can see that the near side cam cover rocker cover gasket is leaking. It's now sounding like its Misfiring from the sound of the near side exhaust and the engine is "Rocking" a little from side to side and a lot of white smoke was chuffing out of both rear pipes.

I drove the car the other day and the the amber engine warning light started to "Flicker" so I stopped and turned the engine off. On re-starting I heard a scratch sound and the car then ran fine all the way to work when it warmed up.

I have bought a genuine jag near side rocker cover that has the rubber gasket built in!  

Sooooo! To my questions!... If I were to replace the 6 coil packs with genuine jag parts and all the spark plugs with the recommended NGK double platinum would this solve my problems?

Could someone give me a talk through on how to change the rocker cover (cam cover) and the spark plug/fuel injector  change and the parts I need please? I see that to get to the off side bank you need to take off the inlet manifold! Are there gaskets I need to get for that? 

Any help on this would be very much appreciated! As well as torque wrench settings for the cover bolts.


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first of all welcome. 

Do a YouTube search for jaguar s type spark plug removal, there's a good vid on there showing how to do it. 

You will need the inlet gaskets, 6 in all as your disturbing them .

The rocker cover will be dead easy, just a few bolts to undo then a straight swap.


good luck. 

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Hi Tim,

I did this job on my 2001 3.0 Sport last year and it made the world of difference, but I had a misfire under load and not an oil leak. I can recommend getting a service kit from Berkshire Jag Components and buy genuine coil packs. The chap that helped me seemed knowledgeable and his advice on the parts was proved right. Getting the inlet manifold off and refitting was a bit of a mission, but there is advice about this online and no specialist tools are needed, so research beforehand, leave plenty of time, go at it methodically and you should be OK ;)

Hope this helps, Russ

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Cheers guys for all your advise. I've spoken to that fella Russ at http://www.berkshirejagcomp.co.uk/ and he was very helpful indeed. I had also spoken to my local Jag main dealer about the coil packs! And even the trade price was higher than Berkshire deal and his are genuine Jag parts. So I know where I'll be getting them from next week. 

I'll also get the upper inlet gaskets at the same time. The spark plugs I've already bought are NGK - TR6AP-13E which I understand are platinum ones. Did you need any other parts when you did your  plugs and coil packs?




cheersAP-13E (4968) replaces PTR6D-13 (5598) for Jaguar


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I replaced all 6 plugs and coil packs, and put in new inlet manifold gaskets, as this had to come off. Tell them your model and he'll send you the right ones. I did a full service at the same time with all filters, which is where I originally found Berkshire Jag, through their service kits which use genuine parts and are surprisingly cheap :yes:

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Hopefully the Archoil AR 6400 cleaner isn't the case of your issue more coincidence ? 

I have just started using this instead of V Power all other reviews suggest it is the right move, but your experience is a little concerning !

Hope all is well now ? 

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