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Tick Over?


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Hi Guys

Just a quick question if you don't mind.

When I fire her up (from cold) tick over is about 1500, then she settles when up to temperature, at about a fraction under 1250, is it me, or is that a tad on the high side?

I noticed my MPG is about 23.2 average (I admit I drive every where in 'Sport' mode) and my journey is fixed mileage every week

As always, any pointers, help much appreciated



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HI Steve,

I am uncertain what the tickover revs should be on a  3.0 lite petrol.  On my diesel it is 750 rpm when fully warm

Check without the s button on and see if it drops.

Nowadays there is no car without an automatic choke, a pity in a way, as you can't check visually when the choke is out or in.



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Mine ticks over at about 750rpm when warm to. On start up it goes to about the 1500rpm and then after about 20 sec it goes down to around the 850rpm mark. 

My 3.0L SE auto is only doing 18.2mpg. And that's without the sports mode switched on! My drive is almost all around town! So is this about right???

just waiting now to change the plugs and the coil packs, maybe next week with the near side rocker cover and gasket as it's leaking...

Sorry to hijack your post 🤓

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Hi Steve,

just for ref, mine starts at 1200rpm, after 15 secs it drops to 1000rpm then after about a minute it drops to 750rpm. I'm getting around 37/38 on a run and 25 around town.

I have the 2.5 which is pretty similar I believe.



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