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Hi guys, I've had the Catmobile serviced locally all is well. Problem with aircon remains, it has been checked and temp. at low and high levels are fine and no leaks. Still only warm air emitting from vents, so it's been suggested it's the aircon compressor. Does that stack up with you guys? 

Any suggestions for fuel additives and how often for the S type 2004 2.7d auto?

hope you are all well


bill waters

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Hi Bill, 

There have been sone aircon issues and probably those members with that issue will advise.

On the question of additives I use Premium fuel all the time which the engine does like.  I have used the odd additive, and currently have some Wynns injector cleaner in the boot.  I will use it sometime.  They suggest some every 3000 miles, but I have not used it yet.

I have used Wynns fuel system cleaner just as a preventative measure, which I used in conjunction with some Wynns EGR cleaner when the engine warning light came on and code P0402 came up -- stick EGR Valve.

What works best, though is Premium fuel!




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Hi Bill

Heater valve, if hot air coming out, that means hot water is passing

No point looking at aircon if hot air coming out

Heater Valve is a common problem



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