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Folding Mirrors


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Having owned my S Type for a month I am trying to sort a coupe of snags , Whilst washing the car with the bonnet up ( I hate the line of grime along the edges) I was caught out with a rain shower , only a minute or so but enough to drown No 1 cylinder ,the AA sorted that ,but is this usual? How do you waterproof?  The car is fitted with folding mirrors , neither worked when I bought it , near-side is now working but not a flicker from the drivers side,I also notice a number of S types have a mark on the paintwork under the mirrors,running down the doors,I think its from the monkey metal the mirror cases are cast from , any good fixes or is it a mirror off job??



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Hi Mike

I just use WD40 its good on the electrics, it waterproofs and helps with every thing

with the mirrors, just pop the covers off and spray all the mech with WD40

if you help the mirror to fold it should eventually  start to move




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Once they start moving, I should follow up with a little Oil. Engine Oil is fine. Mine were treated to WD40 and also Lithium grease on a regular basis but my near-side mirror always took several attempts to get it moving in hot weather. I used a little engine Oil quite some time ago now and they've worked perfectly ever since.

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I pick up my 1999 S Type tomorrow and the dealer said the only fault he knows of with the car is that the folding mirrors don't. Could there be a problem like above posts or do the mirrors have their own fuse that might need changing?


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if it has them fitted and they dont work, the wd40 usually cures them

if they have seized' I'd keep re applying it for a couple of weeks till it really soaks

then like raistlin say apply some Oil and try to fold them every time you park and they will stay free

best method would be to retro fit the auto fold mod, that would fix them for good



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