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Evening all, Can any one give me a clue please. My problem started when I allowed my S types battery to run down.

I recharged it as the instructions but now I can't get into the machine. I should say I don't have a working electronic key, only the manual key.

I can open the boot but not the doors. When I connect the battery the alarm starts hooting for a short while then stops but I still can't open the car.

Any ideas please?

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Hi Terence

when you say you can't get into the 'machine' do you mean the car? Can you give a bit more detail about your car e.g. What year? Etc  

How did you manage to open the boot? If you're key worked in the boot it should work in the drivers door.

your key may not be able to open remotely, but you should still be able to get in to it the good old fashioned way! I.e. Stick the key in the drivers door lock, once in then put the key in the ignition and turn to position 1 or 2 (the guys will correct me on which  position) if the car recognises the key you should not get any alarm. If your key does not open the door then you have 2 different locks (or a naff key) if so, you can drop the back seats from the boot, and gain entry to the car that way. I'm now curious as to how you got the car home in the first place?

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Hi Terry and welcome to the Club.

The s type does enjoy having a fully topped up battery.  Luckily, the s type has a key entry into the boot which does help. And Steve is correct when he says that the key should also open the door.

I am just guessing, but from what you have said it appears that the key is not switching the alarm off.

Those with more electrical expertise than me [there are a lot] will be able to pinpoint the problem.



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i have to bring the PM conversation back into the forum, I'm trying to post some pics for you but can't seem to do it in PM mode, I'm also concerned you will damage your car unnecessarily 

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Morning and thanks for the reply.

Again I cannot get into  the car via the drivers door although I can get into the boot. The car is an 02 2.5 Ltr model.

As I have said to Joe.com I inadvertently allowed the battery to go very flat whilst parked on my fathers drive (I was away) 

In the past I have used the key the old fashioned way as the electronic key is not working without any problems

Is the answer to obtain a new electronic key do you think?

Morning Terry

Im getting a little confused, does your key work in the drivers door lock So you can gain entry, or does the key not open the door anymore? If not then it sounds like your door lock is faulty, so you will have to get into the car via the boot. I presume you have now charged the car battery? Getting a new remote key fob presents its own problem, the key will need programming, as far as I understand to do that it needs to be in the ignition, as part of the programming process. I can't remember whether you mentioned putting a new battery in the key remote? Also I don't know if you're key blade is separate from the remote unit, if it's an all in one piece (like mine) you may need to get a new blade cut!

I think for yourself the simplest thing to do would be to call the AA / RAC or perhaps an auto locksmith who will come out to you, and hopefully find a solution, and resolve the problem there and then.




Morning, thanks again for the info,

No, the key  will not open the drivers door.

The electronics for the key do not function at all (although they do on the car but NOT the key)

I think I will try the boot entry way??

I do happen to have in the garage a replacement rear seat set so if I damage the seats I can replace them.

I'll let you know



your rear seats should fold down, absolutely no need to cause any damage what so ever!

open you're boot and you should see two black plunger type knobs, towards the top right and left of the boot opening at the back, by the boot lid hinges! Pull them gently towards you, you should hear the slightest click, the just push the back of the rear seats into the car, they will fold down.

You can just about make out the round knobs towards the hinges as I mentioned 

Do not damage your car or any part of it, if you're still not sure about how to solve your problem, like I mentioned previously get an Autolocksmith out



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