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A/C to rear passenger compartment


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With climate control on auto the airflow through the rear vents could best be described as feeble.

Is this normal for this model or is there something that can be done to improve it?

1999 S Type 3.0





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Thanks for the info. I wasn't aware of the under-seat vents, there is no mention of them in the handbook. I will check them out.

Joe, I have just bought the car and have no idea when the pollen filter might have been changed. I will look into it

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I got the car back from the garage with new A/C compressor this PM. I now have mediocre A/C in the front of the car. With the setting on auto there is good air delivery to the dashboard vents. Unfortunately there does not seem to be any air delivery to the vents on the rear of the centre console.

I cannot feel anything from any under-seat vents.

Any knowledge of what may stop air delivery to the rear would be welcomed. I can't find anything.

I will get a better idea of how the A/C works when I get the window regular replaced.

To add to my joy the gearbox started playing up on the way back from the garage.

I would dearly like to love this car but it is making it hard.

It looks great and when it is working it's lovely to drive but I am finding it hard to trust it.

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Is the dccv working?  

Does the heater blow hot when turned up to max or colder when turned back to minimum but without ac on?


are all the flaps working??

Withignition on but no engine running play with the up/down vent controls,  you should hear motors opening and closing vent flaps under the dash.

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Hi Andy

Thanks for your response once again.

The situation at the moment is right side dashboard vents get cold with AC on. Left side dashboard vents don't get cold with AC on.

With AC off and heating on Left side vents get warm, right side vents don't.

i cannot hear any sound of flaps or motors working when I  play with vent controls.

Should I just take it out and shoot it?

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I have located a semi retired Jaguar Technician who lives about 2 hrs drive from me.

He has all Jag diagnostics and back up from the factory.

Had a long telephone chat with him this morning and he seemed to know what the problems were and how they can be fixed relatively inexpensively, so the car will be up to him on Saturday.

It also means that I can take the XF and run the diagnostics on that.

Happy days

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Will do.

A quick word about replacement cabin/pollen air filters.

I have found numerous sites offering air filters they say are correct fitment for the 3.0 1999 onward. They are mistaken. The ones advertised are for 2002 onward and are nothing like correct. I bought one based on my registration number and was assured it was correct Now I am in an argument about paying return postage. Trying to find a replacement another very well known supplier offered the wrong part, assured me that they were correct and that I was wrong and wanted £38.00 delivery.

The correct part No. is XR 841123 for 1999-2002

I eventually located one at a company called The Jag Shop in London. Very good price and just £9.50 delivery.

By the way, I don't think that the filter had ever been changed before, it was a mess.


PS Interestingly if you buy a mail order part because the vendors website says it is correct and it turns out that it is not correct then it is your fault, not theirs, Read the small print. I mean, everyone reads all of the terms and conditions when they order something, don't they?

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Well, the car has been with the Jag tech for a week, with mixed fortunes.

The good news is that he says it is in excellent condition inside and out. No rust and no signs of damage. He is happy that the low mileage is correct.

The bad news is that there are a lot of niggly faults, minor Oil leaks and leaking seals, probably because it has been standing so long.

The bill will be around £2000.00 which is more than the car cost in the first place but he says that after that the car will be as good as new.

I hope so. I am really looking forward to driving it without wondering if I will be driving it home.

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