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Hi all,

Normally I can track down most everything via eBay, web searches and local / online breakers, but I'm drawing a blank here. So hopefully someone can help!

I have a pre facelift, manual handbrake and gearbox X200 and the hinge is broken on the ashtray cover, and I'd quite like to replace the black gear gaiter with it's surround, which has seen better days. 

Does anyone know if Jag or anyone else will do these as spares, inc the original gear knobs, or are these long discontinued / out of stock? Failing that is there a specialist breaker who may help?

Not a great priority, but I see them every time I drive the car, and where she's starting to come together so well, these parts are letting her down :wink:

Thanks in advance, Russ



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Russ, I was in a somewhat similar situation, having accidentally broken the ash tray in Denis's pre facelift S-Type, and it took a lot of searching but eventually a replacement was found in a local breakers.

A project then, but not impossible.

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Thanks guys. I actually found replacement leather gaiters shortly after posting, but only by contacting a seller who listed them for the X-Type. I'd love to find a new, original manual gear knob, but no luck so far. If anyone know of any new / old stock, it would be great! Got a puncture earlier, nearly new tyre too. Hopefully repairable...

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Wow! The guy breaking the manual want's to make a 60's type 2 seater using the S-Type mechanics, what an awesome project, I want one! Freed of the heavy body, but retaining the IRS, double wishbone suspension, dual caliper brakes etc, it would be a beast! 

I've secured the parts I need now, except the ashtray lid, which was the wrong colour, thanks for the input :thumbup:

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Couple of things:

1. My man let the car go before removing the Gearknob, but I have a replacement so just need the gaiter and surround. There us one from an 02-08 manual on eBay. Would this be compatible with my 2001 or were they changed?

2. Paul, you mentioned you broke and replaced the ashtray. Does the console gave to come out to do this?

Thanks, Russ 

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