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Head lamp washers

William V6

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could be they need lubing.... grab them gently and draw them out WD40 (or AC90) them until they freely move

could also be the pump to the jets (mine was waterlogged) fix with bathroom sealent although you have to remove the bumper to get at this one. Dont know how much to replace but your probs better off replacing if you have the bumper off anyway (remember to take the covers off the jets before removing bumper ;) )

if your washer bottle is not full and the light is on then they dont work...

will only wash once per 6 pressses when the lights are turned on.

not seen any other issues as they are simple mechanisms and so shouldnt fail completely and the home fixes\workarounds mainly cost less ;)

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I had same trouble with my head light washers and screen washers would only give me a litte water

I found out the washer bottle inlet rubber was blocked

wat to do remove offside wheel and undo the wheel arch screws and pull to one side

you will see the washer bottle there are 2 rubbers. the top one is for the headlight washers and the bottom one is for the screen washers you can pull the rubbers out and you find the rubbers are like a fitter . clean them or air blow them out

then put a water hose pipe in the bottom of the washer bottle and make sure flush the the bottle well

then refit make sure you put the top rubber and sensor in right it should opean up for full and down for low on water

then test with water you find when you fill with water the low water light will not go out till you switch engine off for a second time and it will reset hope that helps you good look

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