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new XKR owner

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Hi guys and girls, i've just put a deposit down on a mint 2004 XKR from ARUN cars. i've been looking for one for a couple of months now and found this gem on auto trader. made a bit of a step up in cars as i'm in the process of selling my Skoda Fabia VRS you may also think this is a strange car for a 21year old to want and you'd be right haha. i should be picking the car up middle of January after a few jobs have been done on it, one of which is having a quicksilver supersport exhaust fitted. i haven't got many pictures of it yet but here are a few off there site. ( also heres a picture of my VRS)








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Hi Tristan, and welcome to the club.

I don't think it is a strange choice for a 21 year old -- the XKR is a great car and a future classic.

I wanted a Jaguar when I was 20 but had to settle for a bicycle!.  I still wanted a Jaguar [a Mark l and then a Mark ll] when I was 30, but had to settle for a motor cycle.

I finally got my Jaguar after a series of company cars, and giving it a good burst of power on the A38 is quite enjoyable and makes me feel as it I was still in my twenties!

Let us know how you feel when you drive it home.



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