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dual mass or convert


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http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Clutch-Kit-2-part-for-JAGUAR-X-TYPE-2-2-05-09-D-LJ46G-Sachs-Genuine-Diesel-/371842082166?fits=Car+Make%3AJaguar&hash=item569383e576:g:OqQAAOSw9GhYesQ8 having got the alternator sorted, now for making this car back to its former glory, body work fantastic but has an issue with the clutch, has started making a noise when you slightly depress the clutch. will check up with Jaguar tomorrow and see if mine is already dual mass, but would you swap or stay with dual mass ? 

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I'd convert to solid flywheel, every time, fit and forget

but you just said it makes the the noise when you slightly depress the clutch, that sounds like thrust bearing to me

usually a failing dual mass will go quiet when slightly depressing the clutch

are you sure the trust bearing was changed when it had a clutch, I'm sure they are a concentric cylinder type thrust bearing, they don't usually come with a clutch kit, with them being more expensive

is there any way you can check the thrust bearing/concentric cylinder was replaced when the clutch was




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unfortunately we do not have a full history with the car, so have no way of telling whether it did or didnt, sorry by the way its Mrs Apps, not the better half.

Unless the seller is a member of this forum. Then we might be able to get some answers.

Other half just reminded me that we purchased through a friend of the selleras he brought the car down to us and as we knew the agent we brought the car with some history but not all.



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