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MOT advisories.


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Good morning people,

Been checking out MOT advisories on a couple of X Types. One I was very interested in shows up this. Test date 24/Oct/2016.

Advisory notice item(s)
Oil leak ()
Exhaust system corroded
brake disc worn, pitted or scored, but not seriously weakened (3.5.1i)
Offside Front coil spring corroded (2.4.C.1b)
Offside Rear coil spring corroded (2.4.C.1b)
Nearside Rear coil spring corroded (2.4.C.1b)
Offside Rear Lower Suspension arm rubber bush deteriorated but not resulting in excessive movement outer (2.4.G.2)
Vehicle structure has slight corrosion both sills (6.1.B.2).

The two main concerns as I see it are the Oil leak and the sills, and, to a lesser degree, possibly the exhaust system. The car comes with an AA inspection report (not yet seen by me). Now, either the Oil leak will be on the report, or it will have been fixed as I wouldn't expect a reputable dealer to sell a car with a known oil leak. Any thoughts?

Also, the suspension bush. Any idea as to the cost of replacement. Obviously I'd get both replaced when the time came using my local garage.


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My only worry would be the sills, would require a better look, remove both sill covers to be sure

the springs could be cleaned up with a wire brush and either painted or some black waxoyl applied

the exhaust system as long as its not blowing, just replace it in the future or when it start to blow

discs are a straight forward job if you do then your self and are not that expensive to replace discs and pads

Sills would be my main worry, if its just surface rust, then clean them up, treat them and give them a good coat of wayoyl, even some cavity wax sprayed inside them




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Hi Joe,

My first thought would be to clean and paint the springs. I could replace the discs myself, but as you get older (63) I tend to like someone else doing them for me.

Now I know I'm missing something here, but,  brake disc's and waxoyl?

It only mentions slight rust on the sill's so I'm thinking a wire brush and converter/paint job would sort it. By sill covers I presume you mean the silver strips fixed to the bottom of the door frame. Do they just pop out?

Called the dealer though and the Oil leak has been fixed.


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Sorry it meant to say Sills, Just edited it

every thing else can be replaced, so there not really a issue

If the sills just have light surface rust, a good clean, treatment and waxoyl coating will stop the rust for years

yes the clips are on eBay, the covers just pull off, once the plastic screws underneath have been removed

when you pull them off, some of the clips will break



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