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oil change , wrong filter?

keith pearson

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I   just changed the Oil, and filter,  on my 1995  XJ6.      But when it started up, the Oil light would not go out.       So I got the old filter and put it back, Oil light went off!     I noticed that the old one seemed to have a valve inside,    the new one didn't.       Anyone else have this trouble?      

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Usually OE ones have a valve some have two, one prevents the Oil draining back when the engine stands and the other, if it has it, acts like a bypass, if the filter gets too blocked

sometimes the Oil lights comes on as it fills the filter, but only one or two seconds

on older cars, I use to pull the wire off the ignition coil and crank it till the Oil light goes out, then replace the wire and start it, but its not that easy on modern cars

you did the right thing as not to run it and change it back

oil filter in one of those things I allways like to use a Genuine Jaguar one.



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Yes, and I asked for  the correct one for this car at a reputable parts shop!      so I have sent off for a real Jaguar one.      At least I proved that you can change the Oil and filter without   a  garage ramp or  portable ramps,      I just jacked the nearside front up a couple of inches.    you need long arms and to be quite thin.

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I have now put a real Jaguar filter on,   and filled it with Oil before fitting , now everything seems OK!      so, always use the right parts. I should know by now!       The car runs really well.    The wife and I both think it is better, quieter, smoother etc than the 1997  Brooklands  Turbo Bentley we   had .     Except the Jag cost me a TENTH of the money I paid for the Bentley.

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