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I have a 2007 S type 2.7D auto. Recently had "gearbox error" warning light. Took it to my friendly ( brother!) mechanic who checked diagnostics, cleared all errors and gearbox now works better than ever. Downside is I've been left with a "cannot apply parking brake" warning light but this doesn't show as an error on another diagnostics check.  Any ideas how I an clear this warning? I think I can hear a relay "clicking" somewhere around the centre console when I move the gear lever when in park. Any help would be most appreciated.

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Dis-connect the battery, ensuring you have the radio code, short the battery terminals together for 10 minutes. Connect a FULLY charged battery and follow the battery reset procedure.



That usually cures most glitches. If the same fault is still extant, let us know :)


If necessary, I have a spare EPB module you can have :)


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HBi Peter,

I have the same model car as you, 2.7D on an 07 plate. and I have also had a similar issue.  It is worth printing off the link Paul has given you a keep it with your owners manual. 


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