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Hello from Staffordshire

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I got a good deal on a very low mileage but venerable 2.0 diesel X-type in very good condition.

It had new brake pads and disks, which were binding so i ended up fitting new calipers - I couldn't resist painting them red 😎

It also needed an EGR blanking plate to stop it smoking, although I have a known good EGR from a Mondeo Ghia I might fit. It now goes really well. Suspension is tight as a drum and handling is lovely, can't believe its an estate!

I know X-Types get some stick from those who think it's just a bodyshell on a Mondeo with no real differences, but now I've owned the two cars with same engine and age, I can vouch for the Jag being much more of a 'drivers car' even though the Mondeo was really nice (and actually had lots more toys!)

Amazing how cheap to buy and insure, and it actually seems to do better MPG than the Mondeo (or the horrible Fiat Stilo I had as a stopgap in between them).

Hoping to keep this car for a good while and will be looking after it.

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Welcome to the club, Neil.

I agree with you about the X Type  --  Some mondoe parts do not make the car a Mondeo, in the same way that those Rolls Royces fitted with a Buick engine were never Buiks.

But I would be careful about blanking off the EGR valve, and the new MOT rules come in tomorrow and a visual check on smoke will be made by the tester.  It is uncertain whether or not the blanking of an EGR vavle will be a failure, but certainly if the emissions are higher that the tester thinks they should be and inspection of the EGR valve will be made.

I cured the slight smoke from my son's 2.0D type with some Millers Diesel Eco Plus.



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Hi Neil....welcome to the Club

The X-Type is a great model and has had some bad press for some issues that have been picked up on over the years.
But generally, it is the same as any other vehicle on the road in as much as it needs regular routine maintenance to remain reliable and give many years of service.

Good to have you onboard and feel free to post up any pics of the Jag if you would like to.

Cheers,   Trevor

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