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x/type 2.2d driving me mad and costing a fortune.


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Hi Guys 

firstly I must apologise for the long winded story hopefully someone can shed some light on my problems ??

I love my 2008 2.2diesel  6speed auto but since I bought it last October it has cost me a fortune £2.5k+ with fuel system problems, glow plugs, Oil leak etc see my previous topics for my woes anyway I have recently had firstly flashing glow plug alarm and gearbox fault on info system this has happened several times, turn engine off remove key for 10 seconds all clear and drives ok, took into my local repairer code said Knock sensor fault both he and I doubted this however had knock sensor changed and wiring from it checked back to ecu, serviced vehicle and went through MOT fine even with new diesel emissions standards, but this fault has still happened a couple of times since however the more worrying problem although car is driveable and in regular use is the auto gear change it changes smoothly up no problem but sometimes it seems to judder/hesitate changing down especially during on overrun when coming to a junction or off motorway and when it does come down it thuds, not a seamless change down at all, I recently bit the bullet and put it into an indy jag specialist to change all the transmission fluid despite jag say gearbox is maintenance free and filled for life it is a little smoother but not good , it may sound silly but it seems to me that it is not getting all the correct feedback from somewhere whether it be fuel system or speed sensor or something as the only way I can describe it is it seems lost and does not know what to do, it changes up/down fine when in manual mode, please has anyone got any ideas as it is driving me mad anything much appreciated !

Best Regards 


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hi les....my suggestion would be to go and see a good auto electrician, who should check the problems for bad earths, voltage drops or shorts, also any overloads along with resistance test too. as for your auto gearbox again you need to see the right people who can check the gear box properly, where they should do all relevant checks and test, these will be gearbox specialists in the engineering side of things. not your joe blogs car machanic who thinks it may be this or that ? good luck with this and I hope you get it sorted …….. dave. 

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Hi Les, Roger raises a valid point in this linked post about chasing random faults here there and everywhere. Intermittent issues with flashing glowplug lights and such. 

Auto boxes *may* look at crank speed to judge shift behaviour. Which *could* be why youre experiencing weird issues. Might be worth checking before spending 100s at specialists 

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Hi Les,

In terms of the 'usual suspects' where transmission/gearbox related warnings are concerned the ABS Wheel Sensors and Reluctor Rings are at the very top of the list.



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To everyone landing here because wondering what's wrong and reading this: I went through very similar issues with the 2.2d 6 speed auto. That's said, it's still a wonderful car (when it works). We love it.

Flashing glow plug (spiral) and gearbox fault message: Your car has a six speed automatic tranny from Aisin, a global fortune 500 company that belongs to the Toyota group. It's not very likely your transmission is damaged as these transmissions tend to be very reliable. In my case, with the exact same symptoms, it was the turbo, the turbo-actuator and the EGR valve that had to be replaced. Problem solved. You may also want to check/replace any sensor that is related to timing and fuel/air mixture: the air masssensor , air pressure sensor below the egr, the crankshaft position sensor and especially the camshaft position sensor. These parts are cheap (maybe about 100 bucks). What really is sort of expensive is the egr and especially the turbo. You might want to not buy a new turbo and actuator, but a refurbished one.


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