Hi All :)

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As im sure is customary, I'd like pop in, say Hi and introduce myself 🙂

My name is Jeff, and In the last few days, I've become the very happy owner of a 2002 S Type 3.0 Auto Sport.

I've hankered after another luxury motor ever since my days back in Ford Scorpios (I loved my 24V Cossie, but she rotted out from underneath me) and long ago, my eye turned to Jags, and I knew I wanted one one day.  I bounced from looking at S-Types, to X-Types and back again (but in my heart, I knew it was an S for me - to me a "proper" jag, and I couldn't afford an XJ ) and when my car came available at an amazing price, I just had to have her 🙂 - and what a car she is ! (the wife has already made me promise never to sell her 😁)

Got a few things and niggles to sort (head liner, N/S front check strap) and I plan to give a full service including gearbox filter shortly - I'd best get to technical and start reading !

Thanks all 🙂

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with the headliner, there not the cheapest to get redone, but there plenty of breaker cars out there, so should be easy to find a very good used one

its well worth doing the servicing, also this time of year, checking the sills for corrosion, as there hidden by plastic covers and getting the underside rust treated

if your after tech info have a look here, masses of info



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Welcome t the club, Jeff.

I wanted an S Type for quite a few years, and when my X type was stolen SWMBO said "Turn a disaster into an opportunity" and look for the car you want as long as it is not too expensive.

I found an S Type that suited me in Dumfries at a Stratstone dealership and asked the local dealer if they could bring it down to the midlands for me to look at.  They said they could, but they had one in their storage garage that they had not advertised that was better than the one I had asked to them to bring down.

Bought at first sight and never regretted -  totally reliable and other than tyres, fuel and servicing only £135 spent on a water pump.

Great car!



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Thanks for the welcome folks 🙂

As to the headliner, im a practical sort so will be having a go at it myself - I recovered the headliner in a Rover MGZS I had once, and made a decent job of it (recovered with cream diamond quilt pattern material a la Bentley ) - I have material left too in the store, so maybe it would suit; its a good colour match with the existing trim.


This weekend, I've put the best part of 200 miles on her and its just been so relaxing and comfortable, im looking forwards to the drive 🙂 - that's saying something given I do another 1000 a week for my job !

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