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Rusty chrome wire wheels!

Nigel H

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Does anyone have any ideas on how to get my chrome wire wheels back to shiny please?

There are rusty spots that are impossible to reach, even with the wifes' toothbrush.

Chrome polish will sort the bits that are accessible but there are bits that can't be reached.

Is there any product out there that can be brushed or sprayed that will remove the rust without stripping the chrome?

many thanks,


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Hi Nigel and Welcome to the Club,

Unless you want to take them to a professional, which can be expensive I understand, the best option is to take the wheel off to gain all round access to the spokes. A thin strip of cloth liberally soaked in your choice of chrome cleaner/polish can be wound 'once' around each spoke and pulled back and forth to rotate the cloth around the spoke while moving along its length.

This should get you the desired result but be ready to spend an hour or so on each wheel. Oh, and be careful not to cut through the chrome.



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Hi Nigel,

Steve has given you the two options.

From my years cycling and motorcycling cleaning the spokes was a regular chore. I use to use  Solvol Autosol which can be obtained at most auto accessory shops.  Brasso will also do the job.

I had all 5 of my allow wheels refurbished las year and it cost £80 a wheel to have the kerbing repaired and powder coated.  I might be worth getting as quote if you want the easier but more expensive way.




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Hi Nigel (and fellow XJS owner!)

Solvol Autosol is, indeed, good for medium to heavy tarnish, although the bottom line is that to do any good with rust you have to be able to make contact with the affected area, clearly not easy on wires.   We don't know of any spray solutions that will do the job without contact.

Another method is to rub aluminium foil over the affected area, believe it or not.  The aluminium part of the foil is harder than the ferric oxide, although, again, you need to be able to make contact with the affected area.

We take it that the wires you have are of the hub bolted type rather than centre spinner, in which case you could consider going back to the original lattice alloys which look rather smart and are far easier to maintain.  All a matter of personal choice really.  The lattice are no longer available new, but there are several places that will supply refurbished at a reasonable price.

Good luck and happy growling

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Try spraying or brushing ORTHOPHOSPHERIC ACID on the oxidation, it converts it into an inert substance, THEN polish  AND coat with a clear coat, preferably not lacquer which doesn't last too well.--Oh Pshaw--where IS the Chauffeur? 


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