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Rear parking sensors on my Jaguar


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SO pleased I have them.

I was reversing out of my drive this morning at 06:30. As you can imagine it was fairly dark.

Well, I reverse VERY slowly out of my drive because my house is on the apex of a bend and I have 1 metre high walls around the garden.

Anyway, I spotted a woman about level with our front gate, that is to say some 20 metres away from the drive entrance and as I always do I stopped to let her pass, pedestrians were here before Jaguar owners after all. Anyway, she didn't attempt to move and just sort of smiled at me. I waited another few seconds but she made no attempt to go past the drive so I put the car back into reverse and as soon as I did so the rear parking sensors started kicking off, although I could see nothing there in my mirrors and the woman was still 20 metres away I moved no more than a few inches and, having the driver's window open, I heard a faint whimpering sound so I had to stop, get out, being no easy task as my legs aren't the best, and see what the problem was.

The stupid cow had no less than FIVE small dogs on retractable leads and all five were right behind the car's rear bumper, she, as I have said was some 20 metres away.

If I hadn't had rear parking sensors I would have committed multiple "canicide" because there was no way anybody could have been aware of them from within the car.

So, she had stood there, smiling away, for over a minute, with her five dogs in imminent danger of death and she was surprised when I reacted angrily.


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I think that those who walk a few dogs together would have a  a lead no longer than 6 feet.  I have seen the same in my road, where these "elasticated" leads allow dogs to be nowhere near their owners.


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