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Headlight bulbs.


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A couple of years ago I was considering changing my headlight bulbs ,time has gone bye and the car has not been used a lot ,now having reduced the stable down to one The S type is being used daily ,to-night I had to go out and realised how poor the headlight are ,so what has everyone else gone for? I presume technology has moved forward over the last few years. Has it or we still stuck with candle power in single figures?

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a lot of problems with the headlight are due to the adjusters in side that break and once they break the point down, giving poor lighting then

adjusters can be purchased of ebay and replaced, so at least your lights are pointing in the right place

HID genuines are not straight forward to fit and requires lots of wiring mods to get them working, wired completely different, front and rear level sensors needed, relays and wiring in fuse box, headlight leveling module needed and all programing

hid kits off places like ebay, do work well, but can effect light pattern and depending on your mot'er, can fail,  same with LED's, lots of led's are poor quality and dont lasts

also any bulb over 2700K is actually classed as illegal

most people use Ring Xenon 130 or Ring Xenon 150, these work well and last well, at about £20 quid, not too bad, I tried the philips similar ones and they only last a few months

also you get to keep the rear light cover on with these ring ones, unlike the hid kits and led's, which stops dirt entering the headlight and also stops them steaming up





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I dont think I do enough after dark driving to warrant HId ,so I will give the ring 150s a go ,is it worth doing main beam as well?     If only LED was up to speed and legal,I recently changed my security light to LED ,what a difference.. 

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