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right hand inicator dashboard signal flashing fast external indicators not working


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Hi All my off side indicacators not working have replaced all bulbs did work whe locking or opening car remotely and did work on hazard but have now packed up altogether.

does any body know it there is a relay as I can not find anything in the fuse box diagrams.

would be grateful for any info.

thanks Alan

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Hi All

Found problem with indicators was direction modual ordered new one from jaguar only to find they sent one for saloon instead of estate when fitted found rear wiper does not work when asked for replacement estate version was told it is no longer made. my local Jaguar dealer is in conversation whith parts technical to see if they can source one.

I would be grateful if anybody knows if there are any available, or if there is any used ones available.

Cheers Alan

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if you have internet, type in jaguar breakers in your area and ask them if they have one, but remember to give them as much info so they can see if they have the correct part .  I live in Leicestershire but travel up to a jaguar breaker up in Derbyshire, which has been a great help, also they can give you advice too as they do break the cars down. 

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