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Diesel smell and some smoke on a cold start up


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Hi there

I have just purchased a 2006 MY stype diesel manual as a replacement for my company car . I am over the moon with it but i seem to to be having an issue on cold start up some times i get a smell if diesel in the cabin not for very long then it goes away. However today on my first cold start up the smell was very strong with some smoke it was only for a very short time but worrying then it went away i looked in the engine bay to see if i had a leak  onto the manifolds but could not see any thing the car then ran really well for the rest of the trip with good economy for a 2.7 has any body any ideas i dont mind doing the oily stuff but electronics scare the hell out of me on modern cars


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This is your pre heater running. It may have a damaged exhaust, being merely a flexible corrugated pipe but even with a serviceable pipe you still get the fumes and smell. Nothing to worry about, all it does is bring the engine coolant to temperature more quickly than otherwise.

You could pull the fuse if you wanted to do without it.

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