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Hello  to you all,

This is the first time I have joined an owners club so be patient.

Right, I will commence .

Just before Christmas I had filled my XF up late at night ready to drive 80 odd miles on the morrow.It is an ASDA card only service station around a mile away from home.

The next morning my motor cut out just a few hundred yards down the road. Now I have been a member of the AA for yonks and the last time I used their services was in 1973 so not a young sprog.

The AA bloke uses his computer and shakes his head. Nothing showing up ,and I manage to get the car back home. Local Jag dealers could not have a look see as it was Christmas eve.

Went in to repair shop on 2nd Jan. They have been doing bits and pieces etc, taking the car on test drives but the fault is still happening.Lots of shaking heads.It is now 5 working days the car has been in dock and still they can't find out what the problem is.

Has anyone out there ever filled their tank with dodgy fuel?

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Welcome to the club, Ray.

I do not use Supermarket fuel, as there is a Shell station 500 yards away from where I live, but I do know a few who have never had a problem with it and a few who have.

While that is not a useful answer I would think that if the engine is not operating correctly after a fuel fill up I would suggest either cleaning out the engine by removing the fuel or using a fuel system cleaning additive.  Diesel engines are usually very sensitive to fuel quality, and if your car is a diesel using a premium fuel is always recommended.

Let us know how you get on.




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Welcome to the Forum, Ray.  Sorry to hear about your problems.  Never had an issue with my XF (only had it 5 months) but I had an issue with the last car Volvo XC90.  a few weeks after I got it I filled up with fuel at a supermarket and the car was rough running although in fairness it never broke down.  Since then I have always used Premium Fuel and like Pet use Miller's Diesel Power Eco Max with a dose in every 4th or 5th tank fuel.  I can't claim it improves MPG either in the Volvo or the Jaguar but both run really smoothly with this regime.

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Thanks for your replies Peter and Bill.

I would have thought draining the tank would have been one of first jobs the garage would have done.

Speaking to the service manager last night, he conceded that could be the problem. This is after mentioning this fact on delivering the car to them.

Six working days in the workshop, I am trying very hard not to say a naughty word.



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