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Hi Buckley, I have had mine for just over six months now and although not really too bothered with MPG I am pleased to say that it is much more frugal on fuel than my last wheels (Volvo 2.4d XC90).  The Volvo used to return around 29-30mpg running local and 33mph on a long trip.  I am getting mid to high 40s just round about locally and just over 59mpg on long Motorway Trips (of which I have had two, One from Scotland to York & the Other Scotland to Shropshire), not to mention the XF is £380 per year cheaper on VED as well.  Hope you like yours as much as I like mine.

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Hi Lee, 

The Jaguar diesels can be quite economical, and I regularly get over 40 mpg on longer runs, with a maximum return on one occasion of 50.2 on the M1 when there was a 50 mph restriction.

Use premium fuel and you will get a good return.



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13 hours ago, Taurian said:

I cannot compete with the mileage achieved by bmcl6.   I typically get 35 mpg around town and recently achieved 50 mpg on a trip to Devon and back - some 550 miles.


I am fortunate that I very seldom have to drive in Lage Town/Cities as I Live in a small town in the Country.

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