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Alternator, starter motor wiring loom

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Hi guys,

   Can anyone help please. My 2.7 beauty is lying in my pals garage. Cable connection behind driver front wheel arch that supplies starter and alternator has snapped at entry to connector block. Can anyone tell me where to get a replacement?

    Just found pic. It’s the positive cable from battery to front bulkhead power stud.  Break is just where cable enters power stud  


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unfortuanately that part is not available seperate

you have to buy the battery lead that goes from the battery to the front balkhead , not cheap £145 part number XR828127

if you can repair it maybe a cheaper option, would be to fit something like this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Longacre-Battery-Bulkhead-Through-Panel-Electrical-Cable-Connector-Race-Rally/360898369203?hash=item54073816b3:g:VqgAAOSwg3FUeVlk:rk:1:pf:0

other option is a second hand one



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That’s great. Thanks Joe. Was getting quoted for full wiring loom. £2500. Or there about. Will get onto that tomorrow. Thanks again😃

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