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x type headlight problem


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Thanjs Jerry,

I will find out more tomorrow when it goes for mot. No visible cracks. This stems from me going into a well known motor and cycle dealer to have the bulbs upgraded. Despite me saying that it would be best to remove battery he struggled on and eventually abandoned the job without changing bulb. I thought no problem I will do it myself when I get home. I then called at car wash on the way home. At home I looked at the car and LH head light unit had water inside. Went back to the shop for them to have a look but they said the rear cover had been replaced correctly so it wasnt their fault. Now got fingers crossed for tomorrow and if necessary will look for replacement unit on ebay.



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Hi Rodney

It is impossible to do a good job if battery is not removed for accessibility. The housing assembly of the bulb have 2 clips at the side. Make sure they are in the clipped position. Chances are the wannabe mechanic did not fit the hub back and water got in when you went for your car wash. Check the clips. It happened to me when I had the bulb changed at a garage and the hub was just dangling loose. Luckily I checked upon reaching home.



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