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Hi all just thought I'd introduce myself as I'm new to owning a Jaguar. I'm 50 in a few weeks and was looking for something more refined with a bit of sportiness in there to treat myself to as I've worked hard all my life. I live in Derbyshire on the Nottingham and South Yorkshire borders.

I'm picking my car up Thursday which is a 65 plate XF 2.0D R Sport Black in Firenze Red with the grey and diamond cut alloys.

Never owned a Jag before and I was looking at a,dare I say it a Mercedes C Class. But I rang someone I knew who sells cars and he invited me to take this XF he had in for a run. I was concerned it was bigger than what i was looking for as theres only me and the wife as our children are older now but it really suprised me how the car drove, and it was the looks of it that sold it to me over the Mercedes.. 

So to cut a long story short I"m going all british in my garage as Im also a biker and run Triumph which is built about half hour from where my car was built

 I'll  be around on this site and look forward to gathering some information from the members.

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Hi Terry,

Totally understand what you're saying about Mercedes vs. Jaguar!

I recently retired at 62 after years and years of various company cars (was a shock to have to tax and insure a car for the first time in decades!). Was originally considering a C Class, but had always had a hankering for an XF. Tried both, in various guises, but the XF won hands-down!

I think the word we're looking for is 'soul'. MB cars are efficient and tidy, but I've yet to find one with the grin factor of my XF. 

I know the XF is a few years old (2011) but to get the same fun from a Mercedes (or Audi, BMW, et al) would have blown my budget. 

Hope you enjoy yours as much as I am mine!



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Welcome to the Club Terry,  I was on the brink of buying a Mercedes some years back, I arrived at the showroom for a pre-arranged test drive and went for a spin in it and had more or less decided to go for it.  When we arrived back at the showroom I spotted a Jaguar 2.5 v6 X-Type AWD and asked if I could have a spin in it. 

It was head and shoulders above the Merc in finish & handling and I plumped for that instead.  Although it was the first Jag I owned I was used to driving them as we had them at work many years ago 3.8mk2 & 4.2 XJs. 

I followed this with another X-Type then had 6 years with a Volvo XC90 (which I admit I liked as well) before getting my current & third Jag a 2.2d XF Portfolio and have no regrets.  If this one is as reliable as my past two (only had it 8 months) it will do for me.

Man happy miles in your Jaguar.

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Welcome to the club, Terry.

The Jaguar experience is quite unique.  I have had two Jaguars, and x type and an s type and would not  drive another brand of car.

I also used to have a Triumph T100 in my younger days, which unfortunately completely died on what was then known as the Preston by pass.

You will enjoy your Jaguar.



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