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Sorry but another Bluetooth one

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Good Morning

Hello everyone I am Colin and recently acquired a 2.7TD. I have in the boot the voice module 2R8F-14B292-BD and the phone module 2W93-19K350-AD, factory mic above driver and in the arm rest compartment under the storage bin there is a connection already made which I assume is running back to the boot.

What I am asking is which bluetooth module would I need or would be compatable as there are so many different ones ending in A* something, also would I need anything else in addition to make the system work.

Thank you for your time




IMG_20191007_092435098_HDR (2).jpg

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Sorry, which bluetooth module and any extra cables would I need to be able to use my phone in the car as screen says phone not fitted. I have searched on my phone to get it to air but wont.


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any of the bluetooth modules will work on yours, the higher the letter at the end, the newer the revision model and supports more phones

better module is the later black plastic one that phone/bluetooth combines and this swaps with the phone module in the boot



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