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Hey ,

for s type 3.0l V6 2006

I'm trying to disconnect the secondary alarm known as the sounder alarm 

as it beeps without notice in random times

I have tried to remove the fuse box to get to it

but with no luck ,

it has like 2 electric harness that it seems I cant disconnect just to move it aside 

does somebody have an idea how can I remove this fuse box  ?



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the fuse has clips all the way round and then pulls up

theres just enough space to get to the sounder

I bough a new sounder off ebay, they come up every now and then



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Hi, I had similar problems with my alarm sounder and discovered it was all down to the car battery needing a charge. This was back in 2010 when I bought my S Type 2.7 and it had been standing for a while on a sales forecourt so hadn't been run. After charging the battery with a decent long drive, I've never had a problem with the alarm sounder since. (I recently replaced the original car battery when it was 12 years old)

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