Data SIM card for InControlPro

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Has anyone successfully install a data-only SIM card in their F-Pace (or any other model) to work with the Incontrol Pro system ?

I have inserted a Virgin Mobile Data-only SIM into the slot of my F-Pace, but although the car sees it as a VIRGIN SIM, there is no connection to the 4G network.

So, I searched online for the Virgin APN settings and manually set the username/password (user/pass) and I instantly got a 3G signal.

Hoping I will get a 4G signal tomorrow when I am out and about, but just wondered how other members had got on with this process.

FWIW, I have a 2Gb Data-only SIM from Virgin Mobile for £8 per month.

Only on a 30-day contract, so if it doesn't work well enough, I'll just revert to using the hot spot on my mobile phone.


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