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Hi guys I wonder if anyone has had the same problem as me with my beloved 2.7 xf 58 reg,

the problem is when the car gets to 60/70 mph I get a vibration it’s very difficult to describe, 

ive had new disks & pads on the rear ( still the same) 

I’ve had the wheels balanced twice ( still the same)

it’s going back to the garage next week to have the front wheel bearing changed although the garage says it’s only very very slightly play in it but thought I’d have the front disks & pads changed at the same time,

has anyone had this problem with the xf or have I got the only xf out thire with this problem?? 
it is a real pity as I love the car but this problem is starting to get expensive to try and solve, 

I'm hopping someone will give me some help on this

thanks guys 


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Hi Roy,

I bought my 2011 XF-S just over a year ago; had two problems...

  • Awful grip due to cheap Chinese tyres
  • Vibration from the front wheels when braking

First was a no-brainer - 4x Pirelli P-Zeros, sorted!

Second was a bit more challenging to my pocket, namely new discs and pads for the front, but now completely fixed.

Sounds like you have a different problem though, as mine only vibrated when braking. 

Could you, maybe, have a damaged wheel? Or just a duff tyre?

I wish you the best of luck, and hope to hear of a resolution.


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Thanks Jon but had the wheels and tyres all checked and all good, was reading a few posts on here and sounds like it’s a bit of a xf problem, when it goes the the garage ( again) next week I’ll ask them if they can to check the prop and the rubber doughnuts ??? 

I’m just under £700 trying to sort this out so I’m to far in now to stop investigating the problem,

I just want it to run like a Jaguar should 

thanks again Jon for your reply 

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Hi---A few years back I had  a similar problem on a different make of car --and was told at the time to 

reduce the  pressures by a few pound on all wheels ---below recommended --- and it worked ???

worth a try perhaps ???

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Vibration up date

returning from work the other night stopped to put some fuel in, come to start it and the engine just keeled spinning over sounded like no compression I thought oh nooooio cam belt but after about 5 mins of trying to start it it fired up, drove it home with no problem??? I thought that was the end of my beautiful xf, I’ve just had a walk up to my local garage and he said to try and get it to him, after 3 days of the jag being left I came back from garage and thought I’d try her one more time, jumped in pressed the button and she fired straight up with no problem at all so now I’m confused as to the fault 😩 I thought the cam belt had gone but it can’t have as now it’s fine ?? 
she just sounded like she had no compression at all but now seems ok 😩

I hope this post will shed a light on anybody who’s had similar issues as me

will keep you all posted as to the outcome 


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Up date on the vibration on my beloved xf, I took the car yesterday to my local exhaust and battery shop as a last resort to check my Wheels and to my dismay found out I have 2 buckled wheels 😩 after all the time she has spent in the garage only to come to the conclusion I have knackered wheels, so now I’m looking for a good and straight set I can buy, has anyone got a set I can buy ????? Mine are 18 inch HELP 👍👍👍👍

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Had same problem on both my xf's,lower control arm bushes(banana shaped)don't go for a cheap replacement part tho.I fell for that and it didn't cure the problem,plus worn pads and discs dont help at the same speeds.not a cheap fix tbh but it works


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