Juddering on XJ brakes 2011

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I have a 2011 Jaguar XJ, regardless as to how many new disks or pads fitted to the vehicle, I get juddering on the steering wheel when breaking, it’s become more prevalent in recent months, my local garage doesn’t know how to fix it, I was wondering whether anyone has experienced this and what the fix was? I was wondering whether instead of it being brake related if it might be an arm, or loose rubbers somewhere? Information and suggestions would be most welcome. I really love my car and don’t want to have to trade it in.

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I wonder if it could be a worn suspension component but it should show up with a lever bar inserted into the correct places to show excessive movement.

Other areas to look at could be loose / excessive play in the calipers where they mount to the carrier, worn wheel bearings, testing run out on the discs in-situ, etc

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