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Xf spare wheel

Alan w smith

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Hi just joined. 

Apologies if I'm doing it wrong.

I have just bought a 2016 xf 2.0 diesel.it has no spare wheel but I feel the need for one.

I can see loads on ebay but unsure which one to buy that fits in the space above the battery in the boot.

Any advice please.

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Hi Alan, and welcome to the club.

My s type has a spare wheel and nice boot space next to the battery. I do not know the setup in the XF, but it does surprise me that there is no room in the boot for a "proper" spare wheel.

Good luck in your search.



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Good morning Alan.

Welcome to the Club.

My XF has a Space Saver Wheel and there's a Polystyrene mouldings around the wheel, and i think this moulding holds the boot flooring higher and gives a level floor area.

A friend has an XE and bought a Space Saver Wheel on Ebay, but his Boot floor won't fit level so he may need this Polystyrene moulding to lift the floor level.

Regards Tom.

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Hi Alan,

A bit late to this one but I've just had another spare and managed to sort things out with a flat boot floor at last.

I bought my 2.2d XF last summer and wasn't entirely happy with not having a spare "just in case." Like you've probably already done, I looked about on these pages and then Amazon / eBay for ideas. Quite a few to choose from and I didn't really research things as well as I should've done - ending up with a 'space saver' tyre but one that didn't sit that well and made the floor protrude by an inch or so. Functional but annoying as I'm a bit OCD when it comes to straight lines etc.!

Now I'm more settled with the car and have started to get to know what I'd like to change, coupled with some suddenly available free time (thanks Covid) I had another look at eBay and so on. My first spare was 135/80 x 18 inch. I managed to find one advertised at 115/80 instead so bit the bullet and ordered it up. When it arrived this afternoon I was a bit worried to see that it was supplied with another 135/80 but the rim was much flatter than the one I had before.

Cue a bit of relief when this one slotted straight in and the floor dropped back flat with the carpet blending in nicely at last. Mine also has the plastic frame over the sub-woofer so I was expecting a little trouble but everything looks fine this time. The difference seems to be that the supplied first spare has the centre with the holes for the wheelnuts to fix through standing proud of the tyre walls by around 50mm or so, quite probably to move the tyre itself further back in towards the car.

This one has a much flatter profile as the centre is within the rolling portion of the tyre itself so the whole assembly is, at most, 135mm across. This one is from a specialist Jaguar spare tyre seller, based in the East Midlands, via eBay and cost £79.99 including the VAT and P&P. I'd best not narrow it down too far and name them on a public forum in case it isn't allowed!

I have to say, I'm much happier now. Of course, I wouldn't go driving around for any length of time on it, but the fall back option of being able to get to a repair centre for a new 'real' tyre is there. They also turned it round in less than two days from point of order to receiving the wheel and no hidden surprises (other than having a slightly wider rubber surface to put down if needed) and the tyre itself is a Pirelli with moulding marks still on it and totally unused.

Best regards,


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Thanks Peter,

This was from an eBay advert but linked to extra information on the firm's own website Auto Reserve Jaguar . The photo shows a 115/85 but I had a 135/80 arrive yesterday, it was also £79.99 all in from eBay but considerably more on their site!

Gas strut mod to allow full boot opening today and then LED lights going over the number plate on Monday. Mudflaps sometime next week on arrival ...

Best regards,


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Ref XF 2016.x260 model.From 2015 on the XF battery was repositioned from the RH side to the rear of the spare wheel well.

The only wheel you can fit is the Spacesaver.What you will need if you get a Spacesaver are the foam support this fits around the spacsaver.Foam support this holds the jack kit,Center threaded hand wheel bolt  to secure the wheel.The spacesaver when fitted will sit proud above the wheel well,hence the reason for the foam support.

your existing boot floor cover will not fit securely on top of the spacesaver due to the design shape ,you will notice the floor cover is angled upwards toward the rear ot the rear seat backrest.

Jaguar will supply you with a replacement floor cover which is of a flatter profile.approx cost is £320,That’s the set up gained from my own experience .




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