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Coolant temperature.

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I know it's the attitude of a dinosaur but I LIKE being able to see the water temperature gauge and on the X250 it isn't there.

Has anybody seen a neat and inconspicuous version of those OBD 2 displays that will do the job without violating the interior please?

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Unsure if you are still looking for this information?

Like you, I need to be aware of my coolant temperature too. There seems to be a variety of devices available, but really the only area you need to be careful of is whether you use iPhone, in which case you need a WiFi device, whereas Android can use bluetooth versions. I use iPhone, so the one I purchased from eBay:-


I think the critical bit is OBD2 ELM 327 for a more general search...

Hope this helps


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On 1/9/2021 at 5:19 PM, Tomato said:

Torque pro app got loads of great features worth getting if you have a bluetooth obd2

Unfortunately, these only seem to be compatible with Android devices - unsure why, as iOS (Apple) devices support bluetooth, (my battery monitor connects via BT), but with the limited research I have done, this seems to be the case...

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