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jaguar s type coolant leak


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Hi so i had my jaguar s type 2005 2.5 v6 for a half a year and it had some coolant leak. But i have been too two workshops and nobody could find it. The lid to the tank waa broken so i got a new one but everytime i drive then open the hood its coolant all around the tank as the picture show. Anybody knows what could be the problem?


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dry it off will compressed air if you have it

them fill the expansion tank to the brim

start it and as it warms up and the water expands see where its lts leaking from

going be a dodgy exp tank or hose



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Overheating, it's a generic problem with the V6 Jags. I've got a temporary solution but you probably wouldn't like it. Basic reason is the thermostatic valve is at the wrong end of the radiator, engine heats up - radiator cools water but since the valve opens at 87°c the water is cooled below that and the valve doesn't open. Result? No water circulation and the engine overheats. Standard radiators are heavy and inefficient and just about run ok but an aftermarket radiator is often more efficient and the water post radiator never reaches temperature enough to open the valve. Unbelievable I know, you'd think Jaguar had never built a race car with a mistake like that.

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