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Repair Plans

Jon Hyde

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Does anyone on here have any experience of a company called WarrantyWise, offering to pay for repairs (up to about £5000 a claim) for a monthly premium - £58 per month according to the quote I have?

Haven't gone for it yet (wish I had, currently getting replacement turbo valve, cam cover, etc., and a DPF regen!)

Basically, is it worth it?


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I do currently have a warranty which seems to work and was very cheap when I bought the car with it. (@£500 for life of car and a 3 year renewable service contract for another £500). It has already paid out for a rear door re-coding after a flat battery left both rear doors and windows totally dead. However..... That seems like a hefty premium, £700 a year is quite a lot of repairs and for me it would depend on the small print. Your profile says car is 9 years old. Even mine, which is a very good policy, reduces cover at 10 years or 100k miles. I would do extensive research in reviews of their payment history for claims (as you are here) and go through the policy fine print with a magnifying glass. I also had a warranty from Skoda for my wifes 2015 Rapid. That was £200 a year but virtually everything you might potentially claim for was excluded. It was not renewed wheras I will be extending my Warranty4Life on the Jag.

Hopefully you will get some more views to help make up your mind. 🙂

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