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Stuck with a decision


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Hi Jaguar Owners! I am very new to this forum, but I thought what is better than asking straight from the people who know.

So I have been working hard and finally got into a proper job and I find myself with around £10,000 for a nice car. I have a colleague who has an XFR and it sounds magnificent. I have looked around at some alternatives that would be the typical cars of people my age (Early 20's). I have driven a hatchbatch for over 3 years now and fancy an upgrade, a substancial one it will be. There is something about a Jaguar XK that has drawn me in. It is definietly a car that I would like to own and with the current stand on emissions and such I don't think there will ever be anything like it again and the opportunitiy may be even less. Most of the cars that are around nowadays like Ford focus and fiesta's are just not really fun looking or different compared to a Jaguar. Quite a rare sight as well to be seen. So if I find a good Jaguar XK 4.2 (some pointers on finding a good one would be most welcomed as well) how are the overall running costs? I think this is something to get out of your system before I start to have other priorities.

I do have a float for repairs but I do not honestly know how this may be diminished as looking for information you don't really get too much of a price from some things that can crop up. But should I reconsider or take the plunge on this car and have a good time. Obviously fuel is going to be a main consumable but I have accounted for that with around £360 per month? This is with a 12 mile round trip to work in the week and going out. I am really just looking for advice and guideance on these cars and realistic expectations.

Thank you all in advance

Any more information I am happy to provide.


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Hi Jake, and welcome to the club.

The XK models are future classics.  I did fancy buying one, but with 4 grandchildren it would have been a bit limited.

There are quite a few members with the XK who will give you some useful information, and quite a few members with  Jaguars with the 4.2 petrol engine.

I am just on old pensioner with the car I wanted for years and which I have had for 7 years,

Enjoy your Jaguar!




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Hi Jake, welcome to the club.

I have a 2004 S-Type 2.5 and a 2006 X150 (XK) 4.2, and both have their own unique personalities.

Buying an XK at a relatively young age really depends on a number of factors. Yes, they look good and there's plenty of power under your right foot, but they're thirsty (I'm averaging 24.5 mpg around town) and, unless you can do the work yourself, they can be pretty expensive to maintain and repair. For example, 2 front Dunlops have just set me back £380. Also, it depends on your driving style - I drive sedately (usually) for that fuel consumption, but you may have a different driving style with a heavier right foot.

You'll see a lot of posts on here with many different questions from owners, and they are all genuine concerns and issues - so you'll need to know what you're buying. There are plenty of cars out there, some better than others, so beware. Make sure they have a full service (and repair) history, ideally from a main dealer (that said, there are some very good independents out there too). You'll pay a premium for a well maintained car, but it'll be worth it. The engine is virtually bullet proof, but the electrics can be a bit temperamental.

Also think about insurance costs, particularly if you decide on a convertible or a supercharged 5.0 - either way, it won't be cheap for someone of your age, and neither will road tax at nearly £600 a year..

So that's all of the negatives out of the way. I've had Jags most of my driving life, and the XK is definitely one of my favourites

Cheers, Mark

PM me if you have any questions.

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