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Ad Blue Incorrect quality message

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I have a 2016 Jagaur XF 2.0 litre diesal which keeps coming up with Ad Blue incorrect quality and a mileage countdown until the engine will not restart.

This happened in Cornwall whilst on a trip, I live in West Sussex. So I took the car into a Jaguar dealer in Redruth and they told me there was a problem with the quality of the ad blue. They drained the tank and put new ad blue in it.


After a week the same message came up and this time i was in West Sussex, so I took the car to a Jaguar dealer in Chichester. They told me the quality of the Ad Blue was ok but the injector for the ad blue was blocked. This was cleared at which time I asked why this should be the case and they said may be doing too many short runs. Told them I drive down to Cornwall regularly.


Another trip down to Cornwall and on my way back the same fault has come back and the milage until the engine will not restart has now changed to some time soon and the dealer will not be able to see the car until a week Tuesday!


Is this a know problem with this engine and has anyone any advice as to what they did to rectify this problem?


Also a good dealer who knows how to put this type of problem right in the South of England?


Any help would be very much appreciated.






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Hi Keith,

My XF, somewhat older than yours, doesn’t use AdBlue, so I can’t help with your specific problem.

But I also live in West Sussex, and would suggest a call to Arun Ltd., in Pulborough. They are and independent Jaguar specialist who also work with Aston Martin and Maserati cars. Mine is going there for a service next Friday.

I’m sure it would be worth you having a chat with theirs service manager, Andrew, to see what he can suggest.

Good luck!


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Had the same problem on a xe portfolio same year, I just kept topping it up, eventually it fixed itself but did keep coming back every few months, weird and annoying but never stopped the car working.

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